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Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

If you’re a business or institution who requires identification to be provided to do business, consider the manual labour time saving a implementing a digital wallet ID and online verification system could bring about for your business.

Identify Security’s ID Verification Platform enables your customers to digitally collect and store ID credentials and share them via the third party who will verify their identification.Identity Security can customise the app to implement other functionalities like questionnaires, application forms etc.

This is also a great way to eliminate face to face contact whilst COVID restrictions are in place.

IDS SSI Features & Functions

  • Issue digital verifiable credentials directly to SSI-based wallets.
  • Verify credentials held in SSI-based wallets simply and easily.
  • Easily integrate with back-end systems, using REST APIs and SDKs in three popular languages.
  • Build for scale, with enterprise-grade architecture designed to support millions of users.
  • Future-proof your credential architecture, through built-in compliance with emerging open standards, including Hyper-ledger Aries, W3C DIDs, and W3C Verifiable Credentials.

The fastest, most efficient way for organisations to offer an SSI-enabled solution for their users.

John Phillips, Identity Security’s SSI Evangelist explains how it works with the use of some craft supplies below;

SelfSovereign identity (SSI) is an approach to digital identity that gives individuals control of their digital identities. … It is generally recognised that for an identity system to be selfsovereign, users control the verifiable credentials that they hold and their consent is required to use those credentials.

Available to install on-premise or hosted in the cloud infrastructure.

Let’s talk about your current business process and create step by step strategy on how we can get your organisation started with a demo product. Contact Identity Security 1300 70 90 28.