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About Us

Identity Security is a premier information technology company that is rapidly gaining a reputation as the go-to company for businesses that require IT Security and Identity and Access Management Services.

We are able to bring real-time solutions into your business by creating a system that streamlines processes, increase efficiency and optimise your safety and security.

We provide objective and genuine advice for all your IT requirements concerning compliance and security.  We guarantee quick and efficient project execution of the right solution from start to finish.

As a foremost player in servicing Australian security controlled airports with our broad range of products; we are focused to keep birthing positive experiences for all our customers.

Identity Management & Access Management (IAM)

We collaborate with our clients to provide scalable and flexible IAM (Identity and Access Management) solutions that help clients to securely manage their staff and customer data whilst improving productivity and reducing costs.

Agile Software Development

With the use of Agile Software Development methodology to create mobile and web applications. After thorough business analysis we scope functional Minimum Viable Product (MVF) for testing and value validation therefore applying your development dollars to the right tasks saving both time and money.

Compliance, Health and Safety as a Service

IDS Aviation is a compliance software as a service software which is indicative of our expertise in producing collaborative solutions to meet a standard government industry compliance.

With our partners we provide both hardware and services to create new processes and customised Induction & Access control systems from design to completion.

Identity Security Team

We are here to make your business safer and smarter

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Julie Stewart

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sr. Software Engineer
Umair Qureshi

Sr. Software Engineer

Governance and IT Services Operations
Adam Hillary

Governance and IT Services Operations

Human Resources
Alister McDonald

Human Resources

Our Expertise

Business Analysis (Requirement Gathering, BPM Modelling, Technical Documentation)

Web Development (PHP,.Net, HTML 5, CSS3, Jquery, Java, MVC design)

AWS Services (EC2, RDS, Database Migration Service,Route 53, EC2 Systems Manager)

Information Security (Data integrity, Strategy Building, Cyber Attack Protection, Cloud Security Architecture Implementation and Development)

Data and Customer Analytics (IBM Cognos, Pivot tables, Orange, R language)

Data Mining (Database Management, MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, SQL Studio)

Business Analysis 0
Coding 0
Network Administration 0

What Our Clients Said

Our Products

Our Services

Risk Management

Risk Management is a detailed process for identifying factors that could damage or disclose data, evaluating those factors in light of data value and countermeasure cost, and implementing cost-effective solutions of mitigating or reducing risk. The overall process of risk management is used to develop and implement information security strategies. The goal of these strategies is to reduce risk and to support the mission of the organisation.

Breach Assessment

Identity Security offer an enterprise-wide forensic assessment called a Breach Assessment.It Identifies the machines on your network that you have been breached which have not been previously detected via penetration testing. We also will provide remediation activities to mitigate any current threats that were discovered.

Next Generation Penetration Testing

Identity Security offers penetration testing services that simulate realistic attackers targeting our specific defenses tailored to the threats your company is most likely to face, as well as general attacks.

Agile Web Development

IDS have a team of application experience developers who work ing Agile Software Development methodology to ensure you receive the application you need for the lowest possible capital outlay. Identity provide flexible ongoing software service and maintenance.

Incident Response

Identity Security offers rapid and thorough incident response services to clients facing security intrusions. Through in-depth digital forensics and reverse engineering analysis, we help clients recover from significant security breaches. Upon being retained, we rapidly increase the speed of your intrusion response while training your IT team on best security practices to handle future intrusions as well. Call 1300 70 90 28 or support@idsecurity.com.au today to learn about or vital response service.

Cloud Security

IDS can assist in navigating the cloud security environment. We can assess your cloud provider for key security elements such as data segmentation, regulatory practices and compliance. We can customise these queries to accommodate known issues based on a wealth of security experience, and tailor this to include your organisation’s specific requirements or compliance commitments. IDS can assess the maturity of your in-place cloud solution to ensure that your cloud provider is performing in line with your expectations.

Our Projects, Innovations & News

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