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SSL Certificates & Installation

Identity Security  > SSL Certificates & Installation

SSL Certificates & Installation

Identity Security is committed to providing solutions for enterprises that need platforms and tools for effective SSL Certificate management throughout the certificate lifecycle.

What is SSL Lifecycle Management?

SSL Certificates have an finite lifespan and don’t allow for updates in the same manner as Software.

Ineffective management of multiple SSL Certificates can lead to many security pitfalls such as;

Lack of visibility for installed certificate database

Certificate managers don’t have effective processes, tools or training

Certificates obtained from external sources are not recorded in a central system or readily accessible

Lack of understanding regarding risk and responsibility associated with certificate procurement and management

Certificate renewal process, information and verification are inadequate


Identity Security’s SSL Lifecycle Management Service offers the following;


Identity Security will identify the appropriate certificate from a one of our trusted vendors and ensure  administrative oversight is in place


Log pertinent information about the certificate type, deployment, expiration date, person   responsible for the approval and management of the certificates.


Continually monitors your inventory to ensure it meets the current compliance rules


Prior to the certificates expiring Identity Security will alert notification of renewal and install new   certificates in place


We will record status of expired certificates as either ‘no longer in service’ or ‘renewed’

Identity Security provide a broad range of SSL Certificates at competitive pricing and installation services.

Our Standard SSL installation fee is $60 per domain

Identity Security for a consultation on the right SSL for your websites by calling 1300 70 90 28 or contact us

You can also view our pricing and purchase an  SSL on our Website



October 23, 2015


SSL Certificates