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IDS Aviation VMS Software-as-a-Service

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IDS Aviation VMS Software-as-a-Service

IDS Aviation VMS is an Australian owned and operated Aviation Compliance Software as a Service Solution. It brilliantly manages the issuing of VIC’s, ASIC’s, ADA’s and AVP’s for several airports Australia wide.

Benefits of Software as a Service

  • Easy to implement.

With no software installation required and historical data cleansed and imported on your behalf and online training video portal implementation is quick and seamless.

  • Scalable to airports of any size.

As IDS Aviation is built with a collaborative approach the application contains many add-ons, which can be added and subtracted based on your airport requirements.

  • Continuous improvements & software updates. All updates are included in the annual subscription.

We’ll send you a notification every    time there’s something new.

  • Pay only for what you use.

Our Annual Subscription is based on usage and is modular.

  • No set up costs.

All set up costs (except optional  onsite training) are included in the annual subscription.

  • Phone and 24/7 online support.

We are always happy to help and  hear to your ideas.

  • A+ Grade IT Security Management

Hosted on AWS in Australia you can be assured that your data is always secure, safe and frequently monitored.

IDS Aviation VMS consists of four modules;

  1. VIC Issuing & Web Preregistration
  2. ASIC Online & ASIC Issuing
  3. Authority to Drive Air side
  4. Airside Vehicle Permit

Identity Security also can integrate IDS Aviation with your Access Control System to your requirement.

Here’s a demo link of the ASIC Online Process

Check Out our Training Site

Training Site Login Details are;


password: 12345

Select Airport: IDS Aviation VMS

For more information on pricing or for an interactive online demonstration contact Identity Security on 1300 70 90 28

IDS Aviation SaaS


VIC Issuing Module


ASIC Issuing


October 23, 2015


Aviation Compliance Software